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Independent Resources identifies substantial new exploration leads


  The Gazzelle prospect is now estimated at around 77mln barrels, whereas the two new leads could contain 49mln and 13mln barrels “A number of companies are continuing to evaluate the farm in potential of the Ksar Hadada permit.” Independent Resources (LON:IRG) told investors it has identified two new substantial exploration leads at the Ksar Hadada project in Tunisia. The ...

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Texas clock boy fields offers from White House

Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas teen who was arrested and released with no charges after teachers thought his homemade clock resembled a bomb, has been inundated with messages of support and offers to visit the White House, the MIT astrophysics facility and the Facebook campus.  The 14-year-old's story was posted by the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday evening. By lunchtime Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama was tweeting about ...

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Lest We Forget: Sabra and Shatila Massacre 16-17 September 1982 by reham alhelsi


  On 16.09.1982, the Israeli army controlled West Beirut, sealed off the 2 Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatila and fired shells at them. Later, the Israeli military command gave the Israeli-allied Lebanese Phalangist militia the green light to enter the refugee camps. For the next 40 hours the Phalangist militia raped, killed, and injured a large number of unarmed ...

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4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?: By Kit O’Connell

أربعة4 ملايين مسلم قتلوا جراء الحروب

  August 22, 2015 "Information Clearing House" – "Mint Press" – It may never be possible to know the true death toll of the modern Western wars on the Middle East, but that figure could be 4 million or higher. Since the vast majority of those killed were of Arab descent, and mostly Muslim, when would it be fair to accuse ...

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Tunisia Economic City

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